What’s A Drink With a Friend?

It’s a podcast about what it means to look at life through a sacramental lens, usually with drinks. At the end of a workweek, it’s good to sit at a table among friends, sip something lovely, and remind each other of what’s good in the world.

What’s ‘sacramental’? Good question.

If a sacrament is “a visible sign of an invisible grace” (per many Church mothers and fathers), then we are graced with sacraments everywhere — in fact, our whole lives are sacraments.

According to St. Ignatius, sacramentality means to see God in all things. To live sacramentally means to hold a posture of gratitude for the temporary things of earth that serve as portals into the eternal — the words of a page-turning book, the giggle of our last-born, and the creak of a porch swing just before it rains.

Pour yourself a favorite drink and join us at the end of a workweek, writers Seth Haines and Tsh Oxenreider, as we talk about faith, art, books, kids, community, friendship, marriages, food, music, and more — all the beauty that leads to goodness and truth — through this sacramental lens.

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About Seth

I am a writer and photographer who loves the Ozarks, my wife and four boys, and a good collection of poems. I’m the author of two books, both of which touch on addiction, sobriety, and spiritual formation. You can pick up a copy of The Book of Waking Up: Experiencing the Divine Love That Reorders a Life and the award-winning book Coming Clean: A Story of Faith wherever books are sold.

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About Tsh

I’m a writer of books and a fairly fantastic newsletter, and I’ve been podcasting since the internet days of smoke signals. I’m also a travel guide when there’s no plague, but most days I’m content to sit on the deck with my family and watch the hens rummage through our backyard garden in Central Texas. Yep, it's spelled correctly. More here.

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A podcast between Seth Haines & Tsh Oxenreider about living sacramentally, usually over drinks.


Seth Haines

Lawyer, writer, and book consultant. Author of The Book of Waking Up, the award-winning Coming Clean, and an underground novel (if you know, you know). I love my poetic wife, our four boys, and the Ozarks we call our home. Will fly fish for food.